Spruce grove hair extensionsHave you dreamed of having long, thick flowing locks?  If you are looking to add volume or length to your hair at a Spruce Grove hair extensions studio, come to Strut Hair and Art.  Our professional stylists will assess your needs and your hair and provide you with the hair styles that go beyond what your natural hair can do.  You can go short and curly, long and wavy – anything that you desire.  Flaunt your style!
Hair styles over the decades, and even centuries have changed and evolved.  There have been times when the popular style was big hair has been popular or flat hair, long hair or short hair, curly hair or straight hair.  Whatever the rage of the time, people have come up with creative ways to achieve the style of the era.  Wigs, toupees, hair pieces have come and gone and come back again. 
One of the more recent ways of achieving the look of the period is artificial hair integrations, commonly known as hair extensions.  Hair extensions have become an excellent way to add length and fullness to your existing hair.  The first hair extensions very expensive and used techniques like gluing, sewing or weaving.  These techniques are still used today and can cause a variety of issues such as skin conditions or severe damage to the natural hair from the glues or heat.  Many times, the “hair” is made from synthetic material.    At Strut Hair and Art, the upscale Spruce Grove hair extensions studio, we use only extensions made from 100% human hair, giving you natural color and feel.
For Spruce Grove hair extensions, the Strut Hair and Art uses a hair extension system that does not use damaging glues, heat, chemicals or sewing.  Your natural hair will remain undamaged so when the extensions are removed, your hair will be in the same or better condition as before the hair extensions were applied.  The hair extensions use specially designed clips and are reusable for months.  Our professional stylists will apply the hair extensions and blend them in with your own hair and create a style that is modern and natural. 
We offer a variety of colors to match or compliment your own hair.  You can even add fun colors.  You can go straight or curly and long or short. Your completed look will be genuine and matched to your personality and desired style.  Our highly trained hair stylists consider this an art and will create the style of your dreams at a reasonable rate.
Whatever you are trying to achieve, be it length, fullness or texture, Strut Hair and Art is the place for your Spruce Grove hair extensions provides professional services for gaining the long, thick hair that you want.  Contact us for a consultation and appointment at 780-991-0397 or send us a Facebook message at https://www.facebook.com/struthairandart/.

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