Do you feel embarrassed about the appearance of bags under your eyes? CiCiCream has created a non surgical cream to get rid of eye bags– our formula contains a unique combination of 10 essential ingredients that eliminate bags and make your skin look younger and smoother. You’ve tried everything else on the market- now try a product that will deliver on its promises. CiCi Care’s Advanced Repair Bio-Placenta Gold Essence contains real 24K Gold but costs less than you may think.

Is There a Unisex Skin Care Product on the Market that Works?

Many products claim to work for both men and women; however, what most product manufacturers fail to take into account is that men’s skin and women’s skin each have unique needs. Formulating an anti-aging product that works for both men and women has long been a challenge to skin care companies, but it’s a challenge that CiCi Care has been able to overcome. We’ve chosen a handful of proven-effective, natural ingredients for our cream that are prized among Australians for their ability to eliminate fine lines & wrinkles, remove bags under the eyes, and create a brighter complexion and more youthful appearance. Benefits include:

  • Decreased dryness and dullness in appearance
  • Skin feels vital, soft, and smooth
  • Improves hydration and luminosity
  • Protects skin from the elements
  • Minimizes visible signs of aging
  • Helps to restore radiance to the skin

Does a Skin Cream Make a Suitable Gift?

Both men and women love receiving CiCi Care’s non surgical cream to get rid of eye bags because it’s not just another skin care product that will sit on their shelves. Everyone loves receiving a gift of gold- which is exactly what our Gold Essence contains: real 24K gold that brightens the complexion. Whether you’re giving Advanced Repair to your spouse, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or as a gift to yourself, it’s one that will always be well-received.

What Makes Gold Essence the Best Cream For Skin?

CiCi Care’s Advanced Repair Bio-Placenta Gold Essence does more for your skin than other creams; it’s not just the best non surgical cream to get rid of eye bags, but it’s also an effective anti-aging formula that turns back the hands of time and rejuvenates the look and feel of your skin. Ten essential ingredients make Gold Essence the best-of-its-kind products on the market today:

  • Bird’s nest with Epidermal Growth Factor
  • Placenta extract to rejuvenate skin and improve elasticity
  • Fitoderm to boost the skin’s regenerative abilities
  • Hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin
  • Aloe Vera to form a barrier to keep moisture locked into the skin’s surface
  • Papaya to brighten and exfoliate the skin
  • Cucumber to build collagen and elastin
  • Chamomile to minimize wrinkles and breakouts
  • Collagen for a more youthful appearance
  • 24K Gold to stimulate the skin’s cells and prevent premature aging

Gold Essence has it all- and now you can have it all for less when you subscribe to our club and save $100 with each autorenewal. Sign up today to start saving and give your skin what it needs to stay healthy and attractive.

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