Microneedling Therapy

At Hello Smooth, we pride ourselves on having the best microneedling therapy on the market. Our SkinPen is top of the line when it comes to activating your bodily healing process and remodeling your collagen. We use this therapy to repair wounds on your body. Moreover, we want to guide you on the benefits and side effects of microneedling therapy.

What are the benefits of microneedling?

One of the most important benefits of microneedling is the anti-aging effect. It can reduce any sign of aging and even eliminate acne scars. Its main effects are that of rejuvenation and revitalization. Moreover, our microneedling procedure works with any skin types. There’s no risk of hyperpigmentation, whether we’re treating your face or other body parts.

Thanks to the technology behind our SkinPen, there are very low risks of scarring or infections. Our procedure is minimally-invasive, and it can accurately reduce the fine wrinkles on your body. Smoothness is the word of the day here, and our technology aims to bring smoothness to you!

Side-effects of microneedling

There are very few potential side effects related to the microneedling therapy. You could experience slight swelling or pinkness and redness for about 2-4 days. Most of our patients shrug off these side-effects within 24 hours if they have any, to begin with. What microneedling does to your face is very simple – it punctures your face to improve the overall aesthetics of your face.

Of course, these punctures are invisible, so you can’t see them. Other side-effects of microneedling don’t exist. As for any pains during the procedure, most of our patients have said that the pain is largely non-existent. The cost of microneedling is fairly accessible to anyone who wants a safe, healthy, and superior beautifying procedure. We want anyone to have access to it so they can have a taste of superior beauty!

Does microneedling really work?

We guarantee that our procedure works on most skin types. The SkinPen effectively creates micro-channels in your skin that increases the production of collagen and elastin. Since your skin naturally produces those compounds, there is almost nothing invasive about this procedure.

At the end of the treatment, your skin will look much healthier and supplemented. It will be a true dermal rejuvenation, and you’ll escape from acne at the same time. Even acne scars are bound to retreat and give way for healthy skin. When you want to experience true revitalization, just come to us, and we’ll provide the best therapeutic treatment you could ever want!

The microneedling therapy you love and desire lies just behind our website. With this tutorial, we hope we’ve convinced you of the miraculous effects that the SkinPen can have on your body. Keep in mind that this procedure isn’t only for your face but for any body part. Contact Hello Smooth Laser Studio to schedule your first appointment, and you’ll receive $100 off! Contact us at (904) 342-2383 or at https://www.hellosmooth.com/contact-us/

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