Lash Extensions Care Tips

With proper lash extensions care tips, eyelash extensions can last six to eight weeks. Of course, a gorgeous, long-lasting set of lashes requires proper care. But how can you ensure that you’re giving your lash extensions the care they need?

Looking for some lash extensions care Tips? Cleaning, being careful with your makeup, regular lash extension refill, and avoiding factors that could ruin your eyelash extensions. These are some of the lash extension care tips our expert beauticians would tell you.

Here are some lash extensions care tips if you want to enhance your eye look for more than just one night. We offer all the information you need to keep loving your eyelash extensions and yourself.

Lash Extensions Care Tips: How To Do It Right?

Understanding the best method for lash extension maintenance is the secret to having gorgeous and long-lasting lashes. Fortunately, we have easy lash extensions care tips to help you.

Lash Extensions Care Tips #1 – Keep Your Eyelashes Clean

Keeping eyelash extensions clean is the best method to maintain them. Do not use face wash. You need an effective cleaner for lash extensions, not just any lash cleanser. 

As much as possible, choose a vegan, gluten-free, alcohol-free, paraben-free, oil-free, and alcohol-free eyelash extension cleaner. It should have a special combination of 10 all-natural extracts with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. The combination of these substances leaves the face smooth and moisturized, effectively removing makeup and oil buildup—great for lash retention! 

Use an eyelash cleanser brush to apply the cleanser while washing around your eyes to eliminate eyeshadow and makeup. After that, gently cleanse the eyelid and lash line with downward sweeping motions. Next, rinse your eyes thoroughly with fresh water to eliminate all the products. Let your eyelashes air dry after cleaning them, then use your lash wand to brush them back into their fluffy shape gently.

Lash Extensions Care Tips #2 – Blot and Air Dry

Don’t forget to dry them gently when you’ve finished washing them. Wipe them with a soft tissue or paper towel to gently remove any remaining moisture. After that, allow them to air dry for a short while.

Lash Extensions Care Tips #3 – Be Careful With Makeup

Waterproof makeup, such as mascara, might damage the glue on your eyelash extensions. So avoid using it, especially if it claims to be “lash extension-safe.” Instead, choose a water-based and non-waterproof eyeliner if you plan to wear it, and be careful when you take off your makeup at the end of the day.

Lash Extensions Care Tips #4 – Avoid Lash Friction

Do not scratch, pull, rub, or tug on the region around your lashes. Some people even change their pillowcases to silk to avoid this continual contact. However, if you’re planning to surf, ride a speedboat, or swim in saline water, get some goggles first.

Lash Extensions Care Tips #5 – Don’t Pick At Them And Brush Them, Too

To keep your eyelash extensions looking good, brush them every morning. But, only use brushes intended for eyelashes. Brushing your lashes daily will help maintain your eyelash extensions by preventing crisscrossing. 

A quick 15–20 second sweep across your lashes can tame wayward lash extensions. In addition, don’t pick your eyelash extensions, no matter how strange it feels. You’ll only break or damage your actual lashes.

Lash Extensions Care Tips #6 – Maintain Lash Extension Refills Regularly

Maintaining long and healthy eyelash extensions is possible if you book regular lash extensions refill regularly. Your natural lashes will shed more frequently the longer you put off getting a fill, which will result in more holes in your lash line and overgrown lashes elsewhere. A new entire set of lash extensions may be necessary if you wait too long to get lash refills. Getting a new set of lash extensions are costlier and it takes time.

Lash Extensions Care Tips #7 – Sleep on Your Back

Sleeping your back relieves pressure on your shoulders and spine, but it’s also beneficial for your lashes! If sleeping on your side is more comfortable, that is also recommendable. Avoid sleeping on your face or lashes as much as possible. The key goal is to avoid slamming your face against your pillow because doing so could cause the extensions to become loose or kinked.

Why Should You Clean Eyelash Extensions?

Oil, dirt, and cosmetics lead to dirt buildup if not cleansed. Expert beauticians say that maintaining eyelash extensions and hygiene is their biggest challenge. A rigorous eyelash cleaning regimen is essential. If you don’t wash your extensions, bacteria will adhere to them and infect your eyes. If you take care of your lashes, it prevents irritation, poor lash growth, and infections.

Should I Wash My Lash Extensions Every Day?

When should your eyelash extensions be cleaned? If you wear eye makeup or have oily skin or eyelids, you should clean your lash extensions twice daily and once a day. We usually advise our clients to clean their lash extensions at night to remove the facial oils, grime, dust, and makeup from the previous day.

Final Words

Your eyelashes may appear longer, fuller, and healthier with proper lash extension care tips. Regardless, you’ll need to take care of them if you want them to last. By brushing your extensions daily, regular cleaning, and avoiding factors that can cause them to fall out or harm your natural lashes, you can prolong their wear and save time and money.

If you need assistance taking care of your lash extensions or eyelash refill services, Lash Out Loud Beauty Bar got you covered. Contact our beauticians today.

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