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An internet addiction requires professional intervention in order to get your life back on track. If you’re spending too much time in front of your computer screen, laptop, tablet, or phone, you may need to speak with a recovery specialist from Omega Recovery who can help you break the cycle of addiction. Nothing worthwhile comes easy- when faced with an addiction to something that is necessary to use in your everyday life, it’s essential that you learn how to walk the fine line between usage and addiction.

Q: Is Tech Addiction real?

A: Technology addiction is one of the fastest growing problems in the world today; in fact, it’s more real than you might imagine. Austin, TX mental health treatment is often needed to overcome a severe addiction to technology and restore healthy usage patterns.

Q: How can I tell if I’m addicted to my computer?

A: If you notice you’re online more and more as time goes by without self-imposed limitations, you may be addicted to time in front of the screen. Try limiting time in front of the computer to see whether you’re able to stay away; if not, contact Omega Recovery for help. We offer residential mental health treatment for severe addictions.

Q: Will I need to check in to Omega Recovery for inpatient mental health for an internet addiction?

A: Most patients with a tech addiction can find help through outpatient services; however, that’s not to say that a patient wouldn’t benefit even more from an inpatient program. At Omega Recovery, we offer the best mental health living for males and females, providing both inpatient and outpatient levels of care.

Q: Do tech addicts need to spend time in sober living homes in Austin?

A: It’s not often that a technology addiction becomes so severe that a patient requires intensive residential treatment and safe transitioning back home; those types of care are typical of treating alcohol and drug addictions. For an internet addiction, patients can find help through PHP, more often called day treatment, and through outpatient programs offered by Omega Recovery. Impatient mental health services are always an option to patients.

Q: What do I do if someone I love is addicted to tech but won’t respond to my concerns?

A: Something as simple as showing them a list of common signs of an internet addiction can often wake someone up to the fact that they’re spending way too much time in front of the screen. Print out our website’s ‘Signs of Screen Addiction’ and share it with the person you’re worried about. If they don’t respond to your efforts, get in touch with our staff at Omega Recovery by calling 512-559-1785 for over the phone advice.

Q: Does your recovery center offer treatment options that will help my employees stay on task at work?

A: If you’re having issues with employees sneaking time on their phones when they’re supposed to be attentive to workplace tasks, Omega Recovery can help. Tech addiction negatively affects the workplace and life at home. Our programs are very effective in treating technology addiction.

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