How Do I Choose My Wedding Hair and Makeup?

Out of all the many decisions you will make for your wedding day, your wedding hair and makeup in the Bay Area would be one of the most daunting experiences. After all, you will be taking hundreds to thousands of pictures. So, your hair and makeup will be critical factors in determining your look throughout your special day.

Out of all the many decisions you will make for your wedding day, your wedding hair and makeup in the Bay Area would be one of the most daunting experiences. After all, you will be taking hundreds to thousands of pictures. So, your wedding hair and makeup will be critical factors in determining your look throughout your special day. 

When choosing your wedding hair and makeup, consider the theme, venue, and outfit. You may also consider the time of your wedding. Then, match your hair type and skin type. You can find several inspirations online. If you’re having a hard time, it’s best to consult expert beauticians.

But with all the available options in the Bay Area, you must be feeling lost in a sea of inspirational photos. Sometimes, you’d feel dumbfounded at the beginning of your journey. So, we’ve come up with ten tips for choosing the best wedding hair and makeup for you! Let’s help you come up with the best wedding hair and makeup for your special day.

10 Tips For Choosing Wedding Hair And Makeup In The Bay Area.

If you feel confused in choosing wedding hair and makeup in the Bay Area, we’ve got you covered. Let us give you 10 tips to do it right. The key is learning and understanding the best look that would match your preferred style.

Prep Your Hair and Skin Before Your Wedding Day

Before getting into the actual hair and makeup process, you should look after your hair and skin a few months before your big day. You need to have a clean and healthy mane and face to ensure that the process will go seamlessly. 

You will end up with more manageable hair and skin that will not give your makeup artist a tough time.

A few weeks before your wedding, you might want to enhance your lashes by booking an appointment for eyelash extensions in the Bay Area. It would help if you also started planning what color you want your hair to be on your wedding day to ensure that you have enough time to pull it off.

Start building an effective skin and hair care routine. You could also opt to have regular facials and hair treatments to look your best on your wedding day.

Consider Your Venue

If you have already settled on a venue for your wedding day, then you can use it as a basis for your wedding hair and makeup. Whether it is a church, garden, or outdoor wedding – you could quickly narrow down your options depending on the place where your wedding celebration will take place.

It can help you determine the bridal hair and makeup look that would work best for you. Let’s take a look at some examples below.

  • Beach wedding – It is best to choose loose waves paired with a bronze glowy makeup look.
  • Formal indoor wedding – Elegant up-do hairstyle or smooth curls with soft makeup and a statement lip color is a good idea.
  • Outdoor wedding – Choose a half-up half-down hairstyle with loose curls and soft glam makeup with a natural base.

You should consider the weather on your wedding day because it could affect your overall look. Humid weather means that an up-do might be the best option, while a windy scene could work wonders for a beautiful and sleek blowout.

Your Outfit

Bay Area makeup artists and hairstylists will use your wedding gown as a basis for their creation. What you will be wearing to the celebration will open a new realm of beauty inspiration, both for you and your stylists. 

Your gown’s features like neckline, material, shape, color, and formality will help you determine an appropriate wedding hair and makeup combination that will make you look and feel your best.

Identify Your Wedding’s Color Scheme

Now that you already have your wedding’s color scheme picked out, you can use your chosen colors to inspire your bridal hair and makeup. You may incorporate shades out of your color scheme.

For example: if your accent color is brown or mauve, you may consider a brown/move the smokey eye to match it. You could also incorporate these colors and create a simple yet enticing cut crease eyeshadow moment. Another option is to use the lightest shade out of your color scheme and use it for a stunning halo eye effect.

Follow Your Wedding Theme

For your wedding hair and makeup, you need to match your overall look with the theme of your celebration. For example, a vintage motif means that you could incorporate smooth and defined curls together with a bold lip color or a winged liner. 

Meanwhile, a boho theme matches pretty well with a bridal beauty aesthetic. It includes loose waves and a bronzy natural makeup look.

Consider The Time Of Your Wedding

To have an effective hair and makeup look, especially your makeup, you need to consider the exact time of your celebration. Knowing whether it will happen in the morning, afternoon, or evening, helps you make a wise decision. 

It would help if you considered that despite having professional lights, the lighting will still be affected by the time of the day. A casual daytime wedding means that you can opt for a lighter makeup look. However, a black-tie evening ceremony could demand a bold makeup look so that you, the bride, could stand out.

Decide Based On Your Hair and Skin Type

To ensure that your hair and makeup will look beautiful on your wedding day, you need to consider what you will work with. Your hair’s length and texture will determine which hairstyles will work better, while your skin type will let you know which makeup choices will work more than others.

Identify Your Preference

As you look for the perfect bridal look, you may have already searched for “wedding makeup near me” online. However, you should also consider what you like! It is your day anyway, so you must choose a hairstyle and makeup look to make you feel the most comfortable and confident. 

Do you already have a preferred lip color that you know works best for your features and undertone? Are you leaning towards a soft glam over a bold makeup look? Start with the things that you know work for you and let your hair and makeup artists work their way from there.

Get Inspired Online

You might want to bring some images with you when you book your trial. These can come from anywhere! A magazine or something you spotted on Pinterest or through an Internet search can do wonders for your style. Your wedding hair and makeup stylist will get a sense of what you want by looking at images, and they will be able to combine elements from other photos to create your unique appearance.

To find images that you could base on, you may browse through various platforms. Pinterest, Instagram, Google Images, and even bridal magazines are excellent sources.

Have Decent Hair and Makeup Trials

Right before the wedding, having hair and makeup trials with your Bay Area makeup artist and hairstylist will give you various options to choose from. You can show a few inspiration photos to your stylists and let them do their magic. 

You can give your feedback after each hair and makeup look to let them know about the features you like and dislike. Then, after a few weeks, you will have another trial where you and your team will finalize the look you will officially have on your wedding day.

What Comes First? Hair Or Makeup For A Wedding?

If you wonder whether to start with your hair or makeup for your wedding event, we got you covered. Most professionals agree that you must do your hair first before your makeup. Here are three reasons why you should start with your hair first:

  • Hair comes first because, more often than not, you will break a sweat while it happens. The heat from the curling and flat irons will be pretty intense because it will make it easier to make your hair follow and hold its shape. You would not want your makeup to melt as you sweat.
  • Certain hairstyles like curling the hair with hot rollers need more time to set. Therefore, it has to come first before the makeup process.
  • If you have an oily skin type, you might want to do your makeup last. This way, you can easily clean your face before getting your makeup done by your makeup artist.


On your wedding day, you as the bride should feel and look beautiful. Because of this, you must find the best Bay Area makeup artist and hairstylist to help you look and feel incredible. Numerous glam teams offer wedding hair and makeup sets to lessen your stress, while others prefer to specialize in one over the other. 
Whether you decide to book them as a set or separately, you would want to follow these tips! Are you a soon-to-be bride who is looking for help online? Let us guide you for your wedding hair and makeup Bay Area!

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