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Valiant Living's drug detox Colorado is a trustworthy option. Going through detox is especially difficult and it's important to make sure that you are getting quality treatment. Withdrawal is a challenging process, but bravery and persistence will help you attain health and wellness. At Valiant Living, we understand this – which is why we have an amazing detox program that promotes an environment of compassion and trustworthiness. Our experts are caring and influential in their approach to the detox process, helping patients work toward successful sobriety for a more positive future.

How to Prepare to Ask for Help with Addiction

When considering asking for help with an addiction, it can feel like a daunting task. We may worry about how our families and friends will respond, feeling embarrassed or ashamed of the situation. It might even seem scary to think about taking that first step toward change. But remember, you are not alone in this!

Support from others is crucial in recovering from an addiction, and nobody should try to tackle recovery by themselves. There are so many resources available today to help someone battle their addiction, such as support groups, counseling sessions, and rehabilitation centers. By taking the courageous step of reaching out for help and shifting your focus towards recovery, the journey ahead may be full of stressful moments but it's also possible to experience moments of joy and relief too.

Other Helpful Resources if You do not Feel Comfortable Asking Family and Friends For Help

If you'd rather not tell a relative or doctor, consider seeking support from someone close to you. Alternatively, if you're still in school, try communicating with an educator like a teacher or guidance counselor that has earned your trust and respect. Additionally, speaking to a spiritual leader of any type can be beneficial too if they are accessible in the area where you live.

If you're looking for help with addiction, there are many options available. You may want to attend a meeting of a local organization like Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous. Additionally, SAMHSA provides an around-the-clock free and confidential national helpline at 1-800-662-4357 where you can speak with trained specialists who can connect you to treatment centers, support groups, and more in your area.

Valiant Living is Here to Listen

Valiant Living in Colorado is here for you when you've decided to take the brave step of asking for help to deal with your addiction. Our team has your best interest at heart and has plenty of support and understanding for this difficult time. We are a judgment-free environment, providing resources and counseling to anyone ready to face their addiction. Our knowledgeable staff can provide ample answers to your questions, allowing you to confidently venture on the path of recovery. Our drug detox Colorado programs are very trusting and welcoming. Valiant Living is ready to guide you through this journey – all it takes is an open mind and a willingness to accept help.

How to Tell a Loved One that they Need Help

Telling someone you care about that they need to seek addiction rehab can be a difficult conversation for many reasons. You, as the loved one, face the fear of making your loved one angry or feeling judged. On the other hand, your loved one may not understand why rehabilitation is necessary and could become defensive when you try to explain it. In this situation, it is important to approach them in a kind and non-judgmental way. Talk with respect and honesty about their situation, expressing your concern for them and willingness to help.

At times like these it can be helpful to reach out for support from other family members or rehab professionals who are trained in situations like these. Ultimately, being willing to listen and offer assistance with understanding can be a very effective and beneficial means of indirectly persuading them towards seeking addiction treatment.

Find Treatment Today

Reaching out for help and telling someone you love that they need rehab can be a difficult and scary step to take. It takes a tremendous amount of bravery, but it's worth it for the rewards that come from it. Thankfully, there is quality treatment available when you know where to look. One great option for this type of treatment is Valiant Living – an accredited facility with staff who are professionally trained and understand the importance of total physical and mental holistic care. They provide services such as cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma resolution, one-on-one talk therapy, group sessions, medication management, and more in a supportive environment with 24/7 experienced medical care. Through Valiant Living's comprehensive programs, such as drug detox Colorado, individuals can find the support they need to recover and have a happier, healthier life ahead of them. We are here and ready to help at 720-796-6885 or on our website.

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