Can You Put Mascara On Lash Extensions?

Traditional fake lashes usually have to go after each use. Still, eyelash extensions take the game to a whole new level. It stays on your lash line daily without harming your natural lashes!

What Eyelash Extensions Are Most Popular?

Lash extensions may look the same from afar, but they come in different kinds. So with that said, what type of eyelash extensions are most popular? If you’re thinking about getting extensions but aren’t sure what kind of lashes to get, this is the place to learn about some of its most common types.

What Lashes Last The Longest?

Most of our clients ask this question when choosing the best lash extensions for them – what lashes last the longest? It’s because, for one reason – we all want to get the best bang for our buck.

Why Do My Eyelash Extensions Hurt After 3 Weeks?

It’s been weeks since your eyelash application, but why do your eyelash extensions hurt after 3 weeks? Since eyes are a delicate part of our body, sometimes, after effects can happen. But what could be the reason for it?

Best Lash Extensions For Hooded Eyes

Our eyelash techs say the most suitable lash extensions for hooded eyes are M Curl Lashes, L Curl Lashes, and L+ Curl Lashes. It creates an illusion of depth in the eyes to make a stunning appearance.

Eyelash Extension Mites: Everything You Need To Know

Eyelash extension mites are responsible for the discomfort you can feel on your eyelids. It occurs naturally as a result of improper eyelash extensions care. Without proper treatment, these mites will cause infestation resulting in discomfort. However, more severe inflammation and infections, which may cause vision impairment. Eyelash mites are a nuisance. It can cause […]

Lash Extensions Care Tips

With proper lash extensions care tips, eyelash extensions can last six to eight weeks. Of course, a gorgeous, long-lasting set of lashes requires proper care. But how can you ensure that you’re giving your lash extensions the care they need?

Why Consider A Weekday Wedding?

If you’re considering a wedding, one of the many things to plan is ‘when’ to have it. Weekday weddings can be an excellent option for several reasons. In this article, we’ll talk about having a weekday wedding is not so bad.

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