Eyelash Extensions Pros and Cons in 2022

Eyelash Extensions Pros and Cons

Looking at an eyelash extension pros and cons checklist could help determine if this is the most suitable option. Although most people with eyelash extensions consider the pros over the negatives, it’s vital to weigh the pros and drawbacks of eyelash extensions to make an informed choice. Let’s get started! Pros Of Eyelash Extensions Eyelash […]

What Lash Extensions Are Best For Small Eyes?

What Lash Extensions Are Best For Small Eyes

What lash extensions are best for small eyes? Enhance the beauty of your eyes with these eyelash extensions in this article. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing lash extensions for small eyes. For instance, you have to pick a style that will add length and volume without being too heavy […]

Why Are My Lash Extensions Falling Out?

Why Are My Lash Extensions Falling Out

You just got your lash extensions, and they looked fabulous. But a few days later, you notice that some are already falling out. What gives?  One of the most common causes of falling lash extensions is poor aftercare. Ask your technician about proper aftercare when you get your lash extensions done. It will help prevent […]

Why Consider A Weekday Wedding?

wedding hair and makeup Bay Area

If you’re considering a wedding, one of the many things to plan is ‘when’ to have it. Weekday weddings can be an excellent option for several reasons. In this article, we’ll talk about having a weekday wedding is not so bad.  A weekday wedding can be great if you want to keep it small and […]

Lash Extensions Care Tips

Lash Extensions Care Tips

With proper lash extensions care tips, eyelash extensions can last six to eight weeks. Of course, a gorgeous, long-lasting set of lashes requires proper care. But how can you ensure that you’re giving your lash extensions the care they need? Cleaning, being careful with your makeup, regular lash extension refill, and avoiding factors that could […]

Eyelash Extension Mites: Everything You Need To Know

Eyelash Extension Mites

Have you heard of eyelash extension mites? These are microscopic mites or what other experts call Demodex. What are they? Where do they come from? How to prevent them? We’ll talk about it in this article. Eyelash extension mites are responsible for the discomfort you can feel on your eyelids. It occurs naturally as a […]

Best Lash Extensions For Hooded Eyes

Lash Extensions For Hooded Eyes

What best lash extensions for hooded eyes?  Our eyelash techs say the most suitable lash extensions for hooded eyes are M Curl Lashes, L Curl Lashes, and L+ Curl Lashes. It creates an illusion of depth in the eyes to make a stunning appearance.  What are these lashes? This article will talk more about it […]

Why Do My Eyelash Extensions Hurt After 3 Weeks?

Eyelash Extensions Hurt

It’s been weeks since your eyelash application, but why do your eyelash extensions hurt after 3 weeks? Since eyes are a delicate part of our body, sometimes, after effects can happen. But what could be the reason for it? Eyelash extensions can hurt if the lash technician does not use high-quality adhesive materials. In addition, […]

What Lashes Last The Longest?

What Lashes Last The Longest

Most of our clients ask this question when choosing the best lash extensions for them – what lashes last the longest? It’s because, for one reason – we all want to get the best bang for our buck. Regardless of what salons name them, most hybrid lash extensions usually last up to 6 weeks. Because […]

What Eyelash Extensions Are Most Popular?

What Eyelash Extensions Are Most Popular

Lash extensions may look the same from afar, but they come in different kinds. So with that said, what type of eyelash extensions are most popular? If you’re thinking about getting extensions but aren’t sure what kind of lashes to get, this is the place to learn about some of its most common types.  Synthetic, […]